Yes, of course! In today’s digital era, there are a plethora of communication channels available for reaching your target audience. However, email marketing has remained to be one of the most effective ways to be in touch with your customers. The major question that always strives in the marketer’s mind is - “How to generate new leads from email marketing?” Is that true? In this blog post, we are going to discuss the importance of email marketing as a lead generation too and tips to achieve. Are you ready to set up your email campaigns proficiently?

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  • 1. Importance of Generating leads through emails
  • 2. 5 Actionable Tips to Generate New Leads from Email Marketing
  • Conclusion

Importance of Generating leads through emails

Apart from all other new technologies, email marketing strategies have proved to be economical. If campaigns are planned strategically, for every $1 investment the company would receive $44 - reported by Experian. Don’t you think this to be an impressive return on investment? This statistics encourages most of the digital marketers to give a try! Most importantly, consumers tend to be comfortable with marketing emails. As a matter of fact, the subscribers enjoy learning new information about the new brands. Now, it’s time to focus on the strategies required to build an effective email campaign. In turn, your email campaign turns out to maximize the conversion rate.

5 Actionable Tips to Generate New Leads from Email Marketing

Here, we will explain you the tried and tested tactics that works well! Our experimented tips definitely help you to maximize the conversions through email marketing.

1.Develop Email Newsletters

When you develop the newsletter, it means you are delivering the content more consistently and relevantly. It helps you to offer value through quality content and customers will definitely love it. You will be able to send unique and valuable information straight into your customer's inbox. Due to consistency, email marketing gives you the opportunity to stay on top of the prospect’s mind. Through the well-planned newsletter, you are driving the customers/prospects towards a healthy and long-term relationship. As a result, the trust factor leads to high conversion rates and repeated sales.

Definitely Yes! Creation of optimum content for a newsletter consistently demands time as well as resources. This seems to be the major pain point and challenging for marketers of many businesses. If you are able to overcome this hurdle, you are almost towards success.

2.Develop Conditional Content

Here is another effective way to generate new leads through email marketing. The conditional content refers to the content which demands prospects and customers contact information in exchange for a useful information. The useful information can be anything among checklist, e-book, marketing template, etc. Plan the type of content you want to offer so that receivers feel happy to exchange their contact information. Your content must push them further to take the next big decision in the sales cycle.

Let’s assume, you have finished developing an attractive content and ready to collect the contact information. The next question is - How will you gather the contact information? A landing page form would be the perfect way to direct your prospects and collect the relevant contact information. To begin with all the lead generation strategies, you will need the targeted mailing list. Also, the email database must be verified and permission-based. So, from where can you get it? Global B2B Contacts provides such verified and legal database which you can use to kick-start your marketing campaigns.

3.Send Action Specific Emails

It turns out to be extremely effective when you send emails based on the prospects or customers response to previous emails. This is referred to as targeted email marketing. Implement this to send the right message to the right person at the right time. It works! Here is an example to make you understand better.

Suppose the prospect or consumer downloads your free copy. Make sure to send a thank you email immediately. It would work better when you automate the messages based on the specific target audience. Later, you can follow up by sending advanced and relevant content. This way you can help them take quick and better purchase decisions. Gradually, make your consumers move down the sales funnel through automated and dedicated emails.

4.Compose Attractive Subject

You must take care that the subject line doesn’t seem spammy but also catchy. It is quite challenging to implement this tactic but not impossible. With better subject lines, the open rates will also increase drastically. Build the curiosity in receiver’s mind so that he/she opens the mail at least to get relieved from suspense kept awaited in the subject.

5.Neat and Impressive Design

There is always a confusion between sending text emails and HTML emails. According to us, both of the ways have got its own pros and cons. Create a marketing mix that combines both the strategies and hence combinational effect would be powerful. For instance, HTML based emails seem to be marketing type recommended while sending newsletters. On the other hand, text-based emails seem more personalized recommended while sending thank you emails, etc.


E-mail marketing has its own advantages when comes to lead generation. It is proved to be one of the most genuine ways to move the prospects down through the sales funnel. This fact is clearly depicted while explaining the above tips. However, if you have a large mailing list, then make sure to use automation software. This helps you to classify and then reach your targeted mailing list effectively. Basically, you need to take care of three things to get the readers into your mail namely subject line, attractive design, and engaging content.

How have you planned to engage your target audience through effective email marketing strategy? Make use of the above tips and increase conversion rates gradually over time. If you are facing problem in collecting genuine business email database, you can contact Global B2B Contacts for further help. Acquiring targeted mailing list is the first step to win your prospects attention in this crowded market. It is all about saving time and money in order to speed up your sales cycle. Start driving more leads for your business through effective email marketing from today!

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