Day by day, the use of analytics improves the way in which businesses are marketing their products. Marketers own targeted mailing list to analyze consumer behavior and make important business decisions. The digital era has enabled the consumers to buy from suppliers in whole new ways. Track their buying patterns and preferences through analytics. As a result, you can have a crystal clear and personalized marketing approach. Here, we will initially talk about the benefits of using big data and analytics in email marketing.

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Table of Content for Driving Intelligent Marketing

  • 1. Benefits of Using Big Data in Email Marketing
  • 2. How to Choose a Good Data Analytics Strategy
  • 3. How to Harness All the Power of Data Analytics
  • Conclusion

Benefits of Using Big Data in Email Marketing

  • You will get timely insights from the huge amount of data that includes stored company data, third party data sources, social media, internet, and remote sensors.
  • Narrows down the process of customer profiling and email list segmentation. Hence, helps in tailored and customized product launches.
  • Enables you to monitor the real-time information. So that it unlocks the potential of every subscriber in the mailing list.
  • Intelligent analytics consequently improve your decision-making ability for upcoming campaigns. Consequently, it minimizes the risks and thus unleashing the hidden insights.
  • Promises the increased engagement, conversion rates, and open rates.
  • Build a long-term loyal relationship with the target audience without even the need for attractive offers or discounts.

How to Choose a Good Data Analytics Strategy?

Business leaders and marketers need to consider various factors while planning the data collection and analytics strategy. Here are some points to help you!

  • Initially, when you want to buy the targeted mailing list focus on the type of audience you actually require. How have you planned to use the data? Choose the right mailing list based on your marketing goals.
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  • After deciding about the type of data you will need, its time to think about sourcing the good data. You can purchase the business email database from verified list providers or make use of internal data.
  • Now, plan how you want to extract the data insights. It helps you to improve business operations, make better decisions, and generate value.
  • Get prepared with the required technology and infrastructure for further implementation. In other words, keep the analytics software or hardware that turns your data into valuable insights.
  • Develop the required skills either by outsourcing or by boosting your in-house marketing team.
  • Be clear about data compliance rules in terms of privacy, data ownership, and any other security issues. Never ignore the data governance issues and make sure you properly address them.

For rolling out efficient email campaigns, the information is the main power. But today, big data is capable of giving the businesses all the required data. It is impossible to dream of collecting or using such huge data without the availability of this new technology. It is time to receive the big data as a strategic asset in today's business world.

How to Harness All the Power of Data Analytics

Step 1

Make sure you have a team of data experts to handle the whole process efficiently. You definitely need a powerful team to take your business into the next level. So, what kind of skilled individuals do you require in a proficient team?

  • The data jockey who can prepare the data sets for further analysis.
  • The data scientist who picks up relevant data analytics method and builds simple/complex data models.
  • The business consultants who are able to link up your business goals to the right data analytic method.

Step 2

Be clear about your ultimate goal. Make sure that you have identified you have already defined a question. Finding the answer to your question leads to higher profit margin, brand reputation, and market share. This is extremely critical for your business success. For instance, your goal can be like - With the detailed consumer's data, you can plan the better targeting of those purchasers.

Step 3

Never miss out to track the data. It would be the first step in building a reliable data model. Nowadays, the biggest challenge is to capture the correct data online. Just with the knowledge of video views, website clicks, and web visits you cannot develop a winning marketing plan. Successfully tracking the captured data is your second major step. For example, let's assume that you have captured the right geospatial data. Nextly, use this data to increase your prospects' footfall to your business location. An absolute strategy for moving far away from competition.

Step 4

In the next immediate step, implement the right analytics method. With the help of experienced data scientists, apply the suitable machine learning r statistical method to your business. As a result, the data is accurately converted into insights. Some of the best results you can obtain upon successful implementation are given below:

  • Ability to optimize the marketing mix of different channels that in turn generate maximum ROI.
  • Ability to determine which set of the target audience are more likely to generate the highest revenue over a certain time.
  • Ability to identify which consumer might buy the product in the successive month.
  • Determine which is the best economical online marketing channel to generate the highest revenue.

Step 5

Make sure to get the clear outputs delivered with visualizations that are easy to interpret. Ultimately, learn about where to make marketing investments and where to cut off. With such clear recommendations, your organization can definitely attain marketing success.


This is the complete information about how you can use big data intelligently and attain a successful marketing strategy. Now, it's your turn to take actionable steps in turning your business intelligent and insightful. In this digital era, there is an alarming increase in the amount of data accumulated every day. This reason is more than enough to pull out the required data and use it as your competitive advantage. As a final note, never miss making use of this tremendous potential of data-driven email marketing solution. Many of your competitors might have already started implementing the big data in their marketing process. You might fall back if not get started today!

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