There is an alarming demand for companies to transform their marketing strategy that includes automation. Most evidently, the size of the data is growing huge day by day. Adopt the right techniques to collect, use and manage the data for marketing purpose. The prominent qualities of a data-driven business are:

  • Once you are successful in acquiring data from both internal and external resources, do not stop there! Analyze the data and segment it into practical insights.
  • The insights must be capable of helping your company’s key decision makers to make better real-time decisions.
  • The results obtained from the data should be measurable and track the organization’s success.

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Table of Content for Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

  • 1. Be Firm with Your Decision
  • 2. Adapt Marketing Automation
  • 3. Hire the Skilled Team
  • 4. Work along with other departments
  • 5. Focus on Your Competitor’s Brand
  • 6. Measurement and Optimization Techniques
  • Conclusion

Why is it so important to adopt Data-Driven Marketing Strategy in 2019?

You might have a big question daunting your thoughts from many days! Will data-driven marketing strengthen my business performance and sales revenue?. Here are a few advantages of having the right set of data

  • In this digital era, the ideal marketing has the power to convince the audience and help them make an instant purchase decision. Ideal marketing is possible only when you reach ideal prospects. If not 100%, you will be close to it with the support of well-compiled email data. In addition, the database helps you to understand the audience mindset before planning a successful campaign.
  • When you own the relevant data, you can anticipate the time at which your prospects most likely respond. Analyze the responses and start working on the results obtained. Extrapolate the patterns and promote your products effectively. Ultimately, you can save time and money once you get used to data-driven marketing.
  • The segmented data helps you to develop the personalized marketing messages and experience the power of the customized approach. For example, you can provide the related offer to different audience segments. Your brand retains in their mind! As a result, your prospects remember you when they are in need.
  • There is a striking advantage of having the right database! You can market the products and services through multiple channels. An opportunity to reach your target prospects from a 360-degree perspective. Database definitely plays an important role in implementing a data-driven marketing strategy.Hope you are curious enough to get started with refined and customized marketing! The powerful combination of genuine mailing database and dedicated marketing strategy will boost your business sales. Look at some of the tips you can use to build a data-driven marketing strategy.

Real-Time Tips to build a data-driven marketing plan

How does your marketing team perceive the data in 2018? Add these tips to your existing marketing plan and improve the ROI. You can consider this basic information that makes your task of generating high quality leads easy. To be precise, we have enlisted the helpful tips to lift your marketing strategy to the next level.

1. Be Firm with Your Decision

In the first place, understand the fact that changing the existing marketing plan into a new form is not easy. If you have planned to update your marketing plan with data-driven techniques, make sure to stick on with your decision. You must be ready to commit with time and new resources required such as dedicated databases.

2. Adapt Marketing Automation

To handle the data-driven marketing strategy, your team should start using automation tools. It is very essential to keep a check on current trends in marketing automation. As a result, it would be extremely helpful to analyze the customer behavior and act according to their response. It helps in handling the personalized approach.

3. Hire the Skilled Team

If your team comprises of employees from multiple departments, it would be an added advantage. In other words, the team members must be capable of thinking at an enterprise level and come up with a unique solution. You can hire an experienced data scientist to perform predictive analysis and roll out effective campaigns. If you face economicalconstraint, the team of data experts at Global B2B Contacts helps you attain the actual business goals. Since, our team does all the tasks starting from data collection, segmentation and appending, we offer comprehensive data-driven marketing solutions.

4. Work along with other departments

It is preferred that a marketing team in a company has regular interaction with other departments. This cross-departmental nature builds a comprehensive approach to attract potential prospects. In the end, your team should own the right tools for campaign performance analysis.

5. Focus on Your Competitor’s Brand

Observe how your competitors use the data to make sales. If you are able to find out the mistakes from the observation, correct it and try your chance. Learn from your competitor’s mistake. Extrapolate the insights upon what worked for them and what did not! This is the most important aspect of any business to beat the competition in a healthy manner.

6. Measurement and Optimization Techniques

Develop the personalized message and shoot the emails to different market segments respectively. When it resonates with the targeted audience, the brand visibility increases. When you have access to the authentic database, it would be extremely easy to measure and keep the track of campaign


Email marketing might look like the oldest strategy but still, it is one of the hottest marketing channels in today’s digital marketing department. An authentic email marketing is not just selling your products but knowing what to make. All it takes is the right strategy in order to make millions from setting up successful campaigns. In order to help you understand the importance of building an email strategy, we have explained the key reasons in the above points. Get your starting point right without which all the efforts go in loss. Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed. The business email database must fit your industry and target audience. You just cannot sell anything if you cannot tell anything. With the help of well-planned email campaigns, communicate with the right people and generate greater ROI.

This is just an overview about how database seems to be an important element in today’s marketing journey. You need verified contact details to reach the potential prospects. On the other hand, you need data to analyze your consumer behavior. Overall, the right data analyzed intellectually leads to campaign success. If you wish to attain your marketing success with our experts, request for the sample quote of B2B mailing lists at Global B2B Contacts.

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